Offshore Bank Card that meets your needs of money security

Offshore Card which allows you to withdraw your wealth at any ATM worldwide

The cheapest and easiest way to keep your money safe

Our product allows you to handle your money safely and anonymously

Offshore Bank Card with its own IBAN

The perfect product to protect your hard acquired wealth

Accepted Worldwide

Our Card can be used worldwide and the money you transfer there can be withdrawn at any ATM

Meets every need

Perfect for receiving money from your internet business or your travels

Unique IBAN

You can easily reload the card trasfering money to its Unique IBAN

Online Panel

You can easily check the balance of the card online through an Online Panel


The card can be reloaded unlimited times and you can transfer thousands of dollars (or any other currency) into it


The card is shipped with its sealed PIN, you'll be the only person who can access your wealth

You'll get

Visa Debit Card with full unique Polish IBAN. You can check balance and transactions online, withdraw your money at any ATM worldwide and you can reload it with a simple Wire Transfer


You can load your cards by Wire Transfer to your unique card's IBAN from any bank account worldwide


You can withdraw your money at any ATM worldwide or you can simply use them to buy goods online

Card Limits

  • Card currency: The base card currency is Polish Zloty, but since you'll be using this card in another nation every purchase or withdraw will have a Currency Conversion Charge of 2.8%
  • Maximum balance on card 9600 (convert in other currency if you don't live in the USA)
  • You can withdraw maximum 1000 per day at the ATM (convert in other currency if you don't live in the USA)
  • Expiration: 3 years

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